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For the last 13 years the Dinsmore House has provided hospitality and accommodations for visitors to Charlottesville. As we approach the 200th anniversary of this historic building, we are re-imagining the inn, and the services we provide to our guests. This blog will chronicle the journey that leads to the new Dinsmore Boutique Inn and Farm Bell Cafe.

Eight years ago we started brainstorming our vision for The Dinsmore. The talks went late into the evening, as we made sketches and lists, and tore pictures out of architecture magazines. The year was 2008 and we were in our 6th year as innkeepers at the Dinsmore House Bed & Breakfast. When we opened the B&B in 2003, we were in our twenties and many of our decisions were made in haste, and on a tight budget. Simply put, we cared a lot about the B&B and the guest experience, but didn’t have much of a clue what we were doing.

Many of the ideas that came from those first late night chats will find their way into the new Dinsmore. Some of them were discarded. Our tastes and customers have changed over the years, but when we discuss the Dinsmore now, we start the discussion with the same question we did eight years ago: Forget about what it is, what should it be?

In November 2016 the Dinsmore House Bed & Breakfast will briefly close to the public after 13 years of continuous service. We’re going to remodel the inn and build a new row house with a café, tea room and outdoor terraces. When we re-open in the spring of 2017, our customers will get to experience The Dinsmore we always wanted to offer. It’s been our long-held belief that we can deliver a customer experience that is unique, local and personal. We hope you’ll follow along this blog, and participate in our journey as we endeavor to re-imagine the Dinsmore House.

-Ryan and Denise Hubbard

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