Makers: Finding a Local Artist

lo·cal ˈlōk(ə)l  from, existing in, or serving a particular place or small area

We continue to be, inspired by the history, materials and artistry of our community. We count ourselves fortunate to call Charlottesville home and the inspiration provided by our city is truly limitless.

Paramount to our renovation was the historical relevance of the Dinsmore Inn. We needed to adorn our walls with original art and to find an artist who understood the fine balance between history and provenance, and an updated and relevant artistry.

We needed a local artist. Brittany Fan is a painter and creator who believes that “art has the potential to speak volumes, unearth stories, solve problems, create change and permanence, and facilitate empathy.”

Her work indeed spoke to us and so we were thrilled she agreed to be our commissioned artist. After communicating our vision and our desires, she truly exceeded our expectations on every front. Here is a sample of some of her original work, placed throughout the Dinsmore Inn

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