Old Meets New with Antique Clawfoot Tubs

 As part of the 2017 inn remodel every bathroom was upgraded, or in some cases entirely re-modeled. This gave us an opportunity to refurbish and install three clawfoot tubs that had been stored on the dirt floor of the old townhouse root cellar for a very long time.

First we sent the tubs off for a make-over, from a local tub refurbishing company that re-enameled and polished the antique tubs. Next we made the hour drive to Richmond to visit Caravati’s, a massive historical architecture salvage wharehouse. There we found the exact clawfoot tub feet to match the ones we had. The feet required some wire brushing and a few coats of paint, but now look great. 

With the tubs looking shiny and new, next comes the grunt work…four movers to pick them up and carry them up two flights of steps to the new guest rooms. Finally we added new plumbing fixtures to the old tubs, and the restoration was complete. We invite you to enjoy these refurbished antique clawfoot tubs in the Dinsmore, Monticello and Meriwether guest rooms. 


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